learning to query: lessons from #DVPit

The first time I thought about being a published author one day I was maybe 16 or 17 (my memories from my teenage years are a bit fuzzy). I remember trying to search the internet for how to get your novel published and being terrified by TOR’s website (because they were like the one publisher […]

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Starting Again

open book

When I was 17 I stopped writing. My anxiety had backed me into a corner and I was unable to look at the art form I loved as something I could do. A few years later I thought maybe I could pick it back up but a series of disheartening events, including a distinguished writing professor […]

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from whence the story comes

Every storyteller gets their ideas somewhere. Some from back alley bins others from storefronts. Me, I get mine in flitting pieces. A snippet of dialogue, a strong emotion, sometimes a feeling of a scene or a visual moment. Most of the time what I find comes to me isn’t even necessarily a piece that ends […]

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