2018 in review

photo by Charlotte Pawsey

Writing in 2018 has been an adventure and a struggle all wrapped up in one messy package and I wouldn’t change it up. Okay, I would, I yearn for the days I could drop 1-2k per day consistently, but I also think I’ve been writing much better prose these days. 2018 started in a panic. […]

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Knowing when to Query

This time last year I was racing through edits of a story I thought was in the perfect place to start pitching and querying. I was wrong. I’m now deep in the middle of 3 novels and none of them are close to ready, but I can see what needs to be done with all […]

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learning to query: lessons from #DVPit

The first time I thought about being a published author one day I was maybe 16 or 17 (my memories from my teenage years are a bit fuzzy). I remember trying to search the internet for how to get your novel published and being terrified by TOR’s website (because they were like the one publisher […]

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from whence the story comes

Every storyteller gets their ideas somewhere. Some from back alley bins others from storefronts. Me, I get mine in flitting pieces. A snippet of dialogue, a strong emotion, sometimes a feeling of a scene or a visual moment. Most of the time what I find comes to me isn’t even necessarily a piece that ends […]

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but with words


When I was little and grown ups asked me what I wanted to be I would never tell them the truth. I knew what they wanted to hear and it wasn’t the word artist. It especially wasn’t artist but with words. Those dreams aren’t safe or viable nor do they fit nicely into the need to have […]

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