Saltwater Binds

unpublished // Dark Contemporary Fantasy, YA

The waters of Null are dark and full of secrets, something 17-year-old Quinn learns after a sneaker wave nearly drowns them. As Null’s magic leaches away the memories from their year in Null, Quinn is desperate to return home to their best friend, Ishani, before they forget everything. Ishani’s little brother is missing, maybe dead, by the same rogue wave that grabbed Quinn, and there might be something much more deadly happening in Null.

Their joyous return is marred by a strange message from the local innkeeper but no one but Quinn hears it. The next morning a body washes up on shore, but it isn’t Ishani’s brother, and it might not even be human. Whisperings about the origins of the town, and how the magic came to be, start to spread. But when Merfolk begin stealing townsfolk as sacrifices to save their own people, Null’s impending demise becomes an inevitability: a failed blood ritual spells the town’s end if it isn’t righted.

A series of earthquakes unseats Null from the world and shakes the foundation of the already off-kilter town. Quinn and their friends must unravel the truth of Null’s past, and the ritual magic, from a town hellbent on keeping it secret to save the only place that’s ever felt like home, even if doing so means forfeiting their own lives. If they fail, they might not even remember Null, or anyone in it, if it survives at all.

Glitter & Gasoline

unpublished // Urban Fantasy, Adult

Nover exists between Earth and Faerie, neither fully in one or the other, a border city. The King of Nover is Fae and has a penchant for fast cars, high speeds, and high stakes. Literally, high. Faerie Dust is the hottest new drug in Nover, and Lacey Shaw and her friends want it off the street before it changes what Nover is for good, and who controls it. Lacey might also want The King killed, but that’s her own personal vendetta for a dead father and a stolen sister.

Spencer is the newest racer on The King’s Circuit, and they’ve traded their freedom for a while for a chance at a better life, and a glittering bottle of Dust. But they’ve soon dragged their only friend, soft and naïve Theo Darling, into the darkness in the streets and the plot to overthrow a king, Theo’s father. And by the time they realize it’s too late, they’re too high, and they’ve got Faerie magic burning through their very human veins.

With Dust threatening to change what it means to be human, and securing Nover’s place as a part of Faerie, the trio must race for the throne. If they don’t, Nover loses its autonomy, and the trio will lose their lives.