Saltwater Binds


The waters of Null are dark and full of secrets.

After nearly drowning and the past year of their life slipping away in a fog, 17-year-old Quinn is desperate to return to their chosen home and their best friend, Ishani. They’ve also realized they’re in love with her but their timing sucks—Ishani’s little brother is missing, maybe dead, by the same rogue wave that grabbed Quinn, and there might be something much more deadly happening in Null.

As bodies start to pile up on shore, none of them Ishani’s brother, and more townsfolk go missing, rumors start to spread. Whisperings about the origins of the town, and how the Merfolk that lent their magic to create it are coming back to demand a sacrifice. A series of earthquakes shakes the foundation of the already off-kilter town as if trying to rip it away from the earth itself. Quinn and their friends must unravel the truth of Null’s past to save the only place that’s ever felt like home, even if doing so means forfeiting their own lives. If they fail, they might not even remember Null, or anyone in it.

Untitled #CrimeFamWIP


Theodosia “Theo” Darling wants two things: she wants to figure out who she is before senior year and she wants to spend the summer at a prestigious art intensive far, far away from the bordercity of Nover.

But when 17-year-old Theo discovers her family is entrenched in the local faerie ruled racing scene her hopes of art school are dashed as she finds herself crashing in after, desperate to uncover the truth.

17-year-old Spencer is in it to win. Nothing beats the high of winning a race, but when beating the competition means dipping themself into a drug induced ecstasy they have to decide just how far they’ll go to feel alive. If racing doesn’t kill them first.

18-year-old Lacey Ana Lucia Vega, magical mechanic extraordinaire, is holding onto control of her life by a thin thread. When she discovers her boyfriend in the son of the faerie king himself she must chose between love and the rebellion she’s mounting against the king.

As Nover succumbs to the new drug from faerie sweeping the city magical misfires draw the trio together. If they don’t halt the supply of the new drug they risk losing not only themselves but the very futures they cling to.