#AMMConnect R7

Hey AMM! I’m M or Monica and my pronouns are they/them.

 Lindsey Morgan shooting finger guns at the camera
description: Lindsey Morgan shooting finger guns at the camera

What I write: YA Fantasy, mostly of the urban variety. Also: gay

description: Captain Marvel grinning, clapping her hands together and pulling apart rainbow magic

For AMM R7 I’m working on my book SALTWATER BINDS which is a queer little urban fantasy set in a very rural (and fictional) Oregon seaside town. Think SAWKILL GIRLS but with strange small town vibes and unexpected magic ala LIFE IS STRANGE (the first one).

After nearly drowning, 17yo Quinn wants to tell the girl they love the truth. But when a body is found on the shore, Quinn must uncover what’s destroying their town before it disappears for good.

I write what I do because I want to see worlds where queer people just exist and sometimes they save the day. My number one genre has always been fantasy. I love the idea that we’re just a hair’s breadth away from magic at any given time.

Oregon-born I’m in the middle of moving to Scotland to be super gay and marry my fiancée. When I’m not writing I’m probably dancing—ballet, modern, & tap—playing video games, or hiking. I also watch a lot of TV & movies, not always in a timely fashion. Lately I’ve really loved:

✨ The Magicians
🍴 The Good Place
🌮 Wynonna Earp

🌊 Avatar: TLA & LoK
💥 The Runaways
🪕 The Witcher

And I’d like to think I’d make a pretty wicked good mentee. Writing is what I’m going to do regardless of AMM. It’s part of who I am. Plus, I’m good with a deadpan pun and have excellent gif/emoji usage (see above). I know I have what it takes to craft an emotional reaction to a story (I had decent sized following for a fanfic I wrote for an incredibly niche ship that I have evidence of being the reason people read outside their preferred ship), I just want to ensure that I’ve learned how to translate those skills of emotionally hooking in a reader to my own stories and that I have the best submission package I possibly can.

If you want to know about Author Mentor Match go check out this post.