2018 in review

photo by Charlotte Pawsey

Writing in 2018 has been an adventure and a struggle all wrapped up in one messy package and I wouldn’t change it up. Okay, I would, I yearn for the days I could drop 1-2k per day consistently, but I also think I’ve been writing much better prose these days.

2018 started in a panic. I hadn’t been writing as much and I was afraid I wouldn’t get back into it. My goal was to whip out edits and drafts and land an agent by the end of the year. I quickly, and by quickly I mean it took much longer than I’d planned to, wrapped up a revision draft of my #BreakupWIP. I’d planned for this to be done in January/February and didn’t wrap it up until late March.

April was a lot of writing admin and working on querying. It was worth it, I learned a lot, mostly, by mid-summer that #BreakupWIP needed a full rewrite, which I still haven’t started.

Because in May I started writing #CoveWIP. I’m about 2.5 chapters away from finishing the first draft and it’s been a wild ride. I’ve attempted to write most every day, though I haven’t always been successful. I lost July to a series of terrible headaches. My original deadline of July 31st flew by. My second deadline (Sept 1st) did too, then the third (Oct 31st) and the fourth (Nov 12th). I’m on track though to finish between Christmas and New Years. 

And I’m okay with that, because I didn’t give up.

Over the year I also wrote a few more chapters of a fanfic I’ve had on pause for ages. I finished and submitted a short story for a competition. I started rewriting #BreakupWIP, and started outlining the rewrite for #CrimeFamWIP and plotting #SoulsWIP. (Tonight I’m rolling stats for my characters in #SoulsWIP because I’m that kind of nerdy).

It may not be a lot, but I finally queried an agent after deciding it was a terrifying prospect more than 15 years ago (10 years of which I didn’t write for fun). I’ve got several stories in various stages and I have plans for more. 2018 might not look like a lot, but I’m proud of it.

2019 I’m planning more loosely. Maybe, I’m someone who writes a plan, and then rewrites it, and then rewrites again… which is also how I write and outline. I like to have a plan but I’m also flexible. I want to write and submit at least 1 short story, if not 2, for publication. I want to wrap up the rewrite of #BreakupWIP in March sometime. After that my schedule is fuzzier. I’ll have edits back for #CoveWIP, so I’ll likely be querying both by the second half if I stay on target. I want to finish outlining #SoulsWIP and start writing that, maybe finishing it by the end of the year. We’ll see how it shakes out. There’s also a few other writing projects that may emerge, but we’ll see which way the wind blows.

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